We Want More! We Want More!

Do you ever think,

I need more Julie Robison in my life!
I wish I could talk with the Bright Maidens…
What does the Voice of Reason sound like?

If so, you’re in luck! Here is the Bright Maidens’s interview with Pat Gohn on her Among Women podcast. (She is the Voice of Reason, by the way.)

Here’s the interview I did with Pat last year too, if the above isn’t enough. Two words: feminine genius.

You want more, you say? Can’t get enough, you say? Well! Fear not! The above interview is part one of two. Yes, you read that right. Next week, Pat will be releasing her second interview with us!

Now, for a little Friday remix: “I’m Glad You Came” by The Wanted

Story time on Easter!

Happy Friday, folks!

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About J.R. Baldwin

I like books, ideas, the Logos, epistolary communication, soccer, competitive croquet, the Impressionists, and a Rottweiler-Shepherd named Heidi. I'm a prog rock novice (born during Rush's synthesizer period) and loving it. I write for the Bright Maidens, Progarchy and The Imaginative Conservative. I am relationships editor at Ignitum Today.

2 thoughts on “We Want More! We Want More!

  1. Y'know, sometimes I do think I need more Julie in my life ;-).

  2. More Julie? Sure! I hope you are having a blessed Easter season.

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