My Picks for The Liebster Blog

My thanks to Tony Layne from Outside the Asylum, who selected me for The Liebster Blog, a chain award of sorts.  This award lets us come across bloggers with smaller followings who are writing wonderful stuff!
Here are the rules: 
  1. Copy and paste the Major Award to my blog.
  2. Link back the person who gave me the award.
  3. Pick out five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
  4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs.
~ My Picks ~

Mandi at Catholic Newlywed – Mandi has intrigued me from the moment I found her blog.  She writes about meeting her husband online, marrying young, having a baby on a budget, and is a frequent guest poster for other blogs on various topics.  

Sarah at A Beaten Copper Lamp –  Sarah recently finished grad school, so you know she’s very smart!  Her posts cover a range of things, from museums, historical sites, Advent preparations, and chastity.
Katie at NFP and Me – Katie is a charming Catholic med student and wife.  She is a loud and proud proponent of Natural Family Planning and host a great series on NFP. 
Matt at Catholic Fried Rice – Matt is a talented guy I had the pleasure of knowing in college.  He did a year of service with Francis Corps in Costa Rica and is a wonderful addition to the Catholic blogosphere.
Barbara at The Catholic Science Geek – Barbara is a Ph.D. candidate with a love of God, science, traveling, and books.  Her blog often makes me comment, “SPOT ON.” 
Happy reading!

à tout à l’heure

Well, the time has finally come. I’ve pushed it off, berated myself for needing it, felt silly for thinking it, but have finally concluded it must happen.

I’m taking a blogging break.

But Trista, you may be thinking, you haven’t been posting much, and what you have been posting has been awfully short.

I know, and that’s exactly why I need a break. My brain is turned off. I’m tired.

I’m no more or less busy than anyone else, but I need this break.

Á tout à l’heure! See you soon!

Gratitude Giveaway

The wonderful Maria from This Crazy Love is holding a Gratitude Giveaway!  I find her to be encouraging, insightful, and challenging!  Check her out!  She was one of the first Young Adult Catholic bloggers that I encountered, so she’s pretty great in my eyes!  

My reason for this gratitude giveaway is that this blog and my dear blog friends have really helped me get through these long winter months on the couch. It’s provided friendship, intellectual stimulation, and sparked my creative fire. I LOVE writing and I love this blog.  
– She’ll pray 2 decades of the Divine Mercy Chaplet (remember, 1 for you specifically, 1 for another intention you have), AND a decade of the rosary for the end to abortion – just leave a comment.
– Post this on your blog and you’ll get another 2 decades of the Chaplet and another decade of the rosary.
– Follow me and get 2 more decades plus a rosary decade.
– Mention this on Twitter and get another set.
– Please don’t mention this on Facebook as she wants to put a privacy boundary at that point.
– Leave a comment letting her know what you’ve done AND what your favorite post is and why you liked it.
Her next giveaway will be prayers AND a simple knitting project.