Quick Takes Friday (12)

1.  Many thanks to my sister BB who created the Bright Maidens banner!  It’s beautiful, sis!
2.  BB is home for Spring Break.  It has been so nice just to have her in the house again.  I love when all seven members of my family are together, even when we’re not doing anything special.

Christmas 2011.  The shorty on the left is me. 

3.  I’ve been spending a lot of time running back and forth into Manhattan lately.  Interviews, networking events, and plays, oh my!  One of my friends invited me to see Spider-Man on Broadway, which was okay.  The effects were very cool (and dangerous – if anything happened while the actors flew above the crowd, uh oh…), but the plot was a little kooky.  On Wednesday, a former college roomie and her friend invited me to see How To Succeed in Business (Without Really Trying), which stars Daniel Radcliffe.  This was an excellent play!  I was really surprised at how well Daniel could sing and dance.  Afterward, my friend’s friend (got that?) was able to take us backstage because her family friend is in the play.  It was awesome to stand on a Broadway stage! 

4.  On Ash Wednesday, a stranger stopped me in the train station to ask what was on my head.  He asked if it was for St. Patrick’s Day and if it was only for women, since he hadn’t seen any men with ashes on their foreheads.  I tried not to break into giggles, then explained Ash Wednesday and Lent to him, which lead to us sitting together on the train and chatting all the way to my stop.  I did chuckle when he asked, “So how long has this [Ash Wednesday] been going on?” and I replied, “Hundreds of years!” 

5.  My Young Adult group is finalizing plans for a fundraiser for Long Island Teen Freedom.  We’re hosting a happy hour and live band at a local bar at the end of April.  Please pray that we are able to get the word out and gather a large crowd!  We are also starting a Spiritual Classics Book Club.  Our first book is Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales, so if you see posts in the upcoming weeks with quotes from him, you know why.

6.  Hilarious! 

7.  Happy (early) Birthday, Julie!  As our Irish ancestors would say, “May you live to be one hundred years with one extra year to repent!”  Best wishes & God bless!

Have a lovely weekend!