I have a really good excuse, promise!

So, I didn’t go to my parish picnic.
I know, I know!  Tsk, tsk, Trista. 
I had to attend the Welcome Mass and Family BBQ at my siblings’ high school,which overlapped with the parish picnic, and then took a seat for the AMAZING We are the Beggars Tour, featuring Audrey Assad, Ike Ndolo Band, and missionary Ennie Hickman of Adore Ministries.  The event was hosted by Adelphi University’s Newman Club, so a big thanks to them.  
Now, I’m sure I’ll get some tsks for this, too, but I was not very familiar with either performers before last night.  I’m now a solid fan!  They were wonderful!  
Click here to find out if the tour is swinging by you!
Ike Ndolo Band: