Quick Takes Friday (13)

1.  I treasure those moments when I realize that a friend values our relationship as much as I do (for some reason, I often have trouble believing this).  This past weekend, two friends from my first college took a bus from DC to New York for a short trip.  As we brunched at Café Orlin in the East Village, one commented to me, “You know, besides [insert name of other friend here], you’re the only one who’s come to DC just to visit.”  Now, since he’s a guy, he didn’t follow up with, “And that made me so happy” or “All the others have used my apartment as a crash pad for interviews,” but I knew what he meant.  And that made me happy!

2.  What’s your experience with online dating?  I had a paid subscription for Catholic Match for a few months and my successes were:
  • one random date with a Canadian lawyer who was visiting NYC;
  • corresponding for a few weeks and chatting on the phone once with a grad student who grew up in my area, but who was living elsewhere.  I think I upset him when I said I didn’t see how traditional courtship could work in modern day America for the majority of people.  He did not contact me again.

3.  I would like to try Ave Maria Singles, but the price tag is stopping me.  There is a $25 off coupon for it, though. 

4.  As a side note, I have done some crazy things in my lifetime.  After graduating from high school, I  studied abroad in Europe for two years.  Sometimes I wandered around new cities with new friends after we had imbibed a lot of vino.  I went on a Mission Trip to Kenya when I was 17.  I tutored kids in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica as an Alternate Spring Break.  My parents never stopped me from doing any of this nor did they ever hint that they were afraid or nervous about my choices.  

So does it make sense that when I told them I was going on a date with a man I met online, my mother started crying?  According to her, online dating is more dangerous than wandering drunk around foreign cities, the slums Kingston, and the roads of Kenya.

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6.  On Thursday night, I went on a first date with a stranger I met at the train station.  I was very amused when he said he was surprised to see so many religious items at my house.  Now, he barely came through the front door.  All he saw was two stone crosses that are on the front steps, the miniature nativity still outside, and one image of Jesus mounted in the foyer.  I wonder what he would think if he saw the Marian Hallway or the Wall o’ Crucifixes…

7.  So much talk of dating today!  Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s Bright Maidens post! Julie, Elizabeth, and I will tackle this fun (and sometimes frustrating) topic.