Bright Maidens: Little Moments

The “Bright Maidens” were originally three from the oft-mentioned, widely-speculated upon demographic of young, twenty-something Catholic women. Now, we all take up the cross to dispel the myths and misconceptions. Welcome!

Topic: Moments that remind us God fully exists
Elizabeth at Startling the Day
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There are lots of little moments that remind me God exists:
I experience Him very strongly when I’m taking care of and playing with children.  I hear an echo of His voice in theirs when they whisper, “Can I tell you something?  I love you!”  And what joy I experience when I say those words back to their shining little faces!

When I’m reading a book and get that “A ha! I’m not the only who’s thought that before!” triumphant feeling!

At baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, weddings, and funerals (especially at funerals of my loved ones)!

Some of my siblings & cousins

When I’m hanging out with my goofy, beautiful, imperfect family!

In the friendships I’ve been blessed to have – both offline and online – with people who get me instantly and are always there for support!

When I think of the circumstances of a romance I never could have planned or dreamed up.  Happy five months!

When I think of the lives of the saints – how daring, how bold, how devoted, and how totally themselves they were!  Their love for God and faith in His existence pushes me forward in my own faith.

Examine the human body and tell me that was just an accident! 

Lots more but I am writing on my lunch break!  What are you moments?  Please share with us!